The natural world has always been an inspiring wonder for us. We have forgotten the pleasure of nature and have taken it for granted and exploited it. We have built so much of our own spots of attraction that we’ve nearly neglected or avoided to pay a visit to the natural world. It is our forests, oceans, rivers and soils that provide us air to breathe, food to eat, and water to irrigate our crops with. We only understand the true value of nature when we take time out of our very busy schedule to cherish and spend time in nature. The fresh air from the mountains cleanse our inner body and the organic fruits and vegetables in forests relives our taste buds. Then we realize that most of us are captured by the artificial beauty of cities just because that is within reach of us. Fortunately, Colorado has a beautiful collection of natural wonders for its visitors. From mountain peaks to forests and lakes, Colorado treats you with every form of nature and a stay in Ameristar Blackhawk Casino & Resort would be the cherry on top. This hotel also gives you a pleasurable glance of ice capped mountains. Better not to miss these natural wonders of Colorado.

Garden of the Gods

Step into the Garden of the Gods and become one of the millions to place foot on this land where red rock formations are like nothing you would have ever seen. This stunning beauty is located in Colorado Springs and it is the most visited natural attraction in this region. Garden of the Gods is filled with incredible scenery and history. You may take a jeep tour, or you may walk and grab a bite to eat, or maybe drink some coffee in their glass-enclosed café. If you feel like hiking, there are several hiking trails and rock climbing spots.

Grand Sand Dunes National Park

With the tallest sand dunes in the country, this park has some majestic sights in Colorado. It may take you a whole day to connect with the history of this scenic gem. Apart from other activities this place has to offer, the first thing you would want to do is sand sledding, which is one of the rare and amazing experiences. It is also suggested that the visitors should better wait till the sun goes down and the obscured sky with stars appear. The experience of star gazing would make you want to live there forever.

Hanging Lake in Glenwood Springs

This amazing wonder takes quite an effort to visit but it is worth every step. There is an hour of hike before you reach the three waterfalls, but it is only the moment when these three waterfalls appear. A glance of a waterfall will take all your tiredness away and will leave you hypnotized. Unlike any other lake in the country, this amazingly beautiful waterfall and crystal-clear water is one of a kind.

Cave of the Winds

The Cave of the Winds was also discovered when two brothers were on a journey to explore Colorado in 1881. This travel destination cannot be missed on a tour to Colorado. The incredible experience of walking into the dark William Canyons will blow your mind. In Victorian times, the visitors used to take a piece of stalactite as a souvenir, but not anymore because they don’t grow like icicles. Cave of the Winds is situated in Manitou Springs and offers “Discover Tour” and “Lantern Tour.” As you will experience caverning, you must expect to get a little dirty.